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"The path to success, or anything of great value,

is never a straight line."

-Sam Hall

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About Sam

I'm Sam Hall,

Mountaineer, Activist, and Entrepreneur 

Welcome to my blog on mountaineering, climbing, travel, adventure, fitness, and how the lessons from these can positively affect both personal and professional growth. Though each of my stories may be different, the moral of each is always the same: nothing is ever achieved without both success and setback, triumph and tragedy... In short, the path to success is never a straight line!

As the co-owner of one of St. Louis' most successful real estate teams with over $500 million in sales, a former contractor and developer, community organizer and political consultant, and now writer, speaker, and adventurer; my interests are as diverse as the places I travel. However, the common thread I have found in both business and personal life is that no feat is impossible when the right attitude, work ethic, and persistence is applied!


Click below to read more about me and the idea behind this blog, jump ahead to the Stories Page to read about my adventures, or to reach out about speaking, writing, or for sponsorship/endorsement opportunities click through to my Contact Page.


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Want to learn about my upcoming trips, interested in joining an expedition, and looking for advice on your own adventure? 

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If fitness is more of a necessity than a passion for you, then we have that in common. Want to learn more about my off-the-wall workout routines?


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I love to speak, write, and support those engaged in exploring the world. If you're the same, then let's talk?

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